Assoc. Prof. Ayşecan Boduroğlu
 is interested in how visual and spatial information is represented and rehearsed in working memory. Her current research is investigating questions on how and when representations become more detailed and the effects of capacity limitations on such representations. Another line of ongoing research investigates cultural differences in attentional (e.g. picture memory) and executive (e.g. inhibition) processes. [pdf]

Assist. Prof. Esra Mungan
recent research is predominantly focused on music cognition. She is involved in interdisciplinary work on music cognition and musicology, partly also computational modeling on musical boundaries and their perception in makam music.  She further looks at context-related effects in pitch perception.  Episodic memory for music is yet another area of interest.  Another line of her research centers around encoding processes and their relationship to subsequent memory performance. Of particular interest are the specific phenomenal, qualitative aspects experienced during retrieval and how these can be used to understand the relationship between encoding and retrieval. In addition to “good remembering”, “bad remembering”, i.e., forgetting, is yet another of her areas of interest. A currently running study on retrieval-induced forgetting investigates the possible underlying mechanisms of inhibition. [pdf]