Welcome to our Cognitive Processes Laboratory website.

In Cognitive Processes Laboratory, we are doing mainly basic but also some applied research.

Our main areas of research are autobiographical memory, working memory, visual/spatial working memory, memory for music, collective memory, metamemory, and  culture and cognition as well as memory processes in psychopathology and levels of awareness.

The laboratory is used in support of our PsychologicalSciences Ph.D and M.A. Programs, and is offering experimental research experience for students at the undergraduate level.

Some of our equipments and tools are E-Prime 1.0 / E-Prime 2.0, E-Prime Extension for TOBII, and TOBII 1750 Eye Tracker & ClearView Analysis Software, SuperLab 3.0, SONY CMT GPX7 Audio Shelf System, MediaLab v2010, DirectRT v2011, and web-based survey tools.

Please look through this website for more information.